Dual Benefits: Performance and Protection

Made in Netherlands from two layers of open pore foam, permanently bonded together to provide maximum filtration and excellent airflow.

The coarse-foam outer layer is flame laminated to the fine-foam inner core, resulting in a tough, durable, and efficient dual stage filter.

The two layer construction provides dual-stage filtration; the outer coarse-foam traps larger particles of dirt and water, keeping the inner fine-foam layer free to trap fine dust and flow air effectively and consistently.

A thick soft-foam sealing ring is used to ensure the best possible seal against the airbox.

Reusable and easy to clean. Final construction of Hiflofiltro filters uses a specially formulated adhesive that is unaffected by repeated cleaning and oiling cycles, ensuring a long filter life and reliable engine protection.

Hiflofiltro Dual-Stage foam filters are designed to increase airflow into the intake, maximising the power available from your engine. Flow bench tests have proven that dual stage filters provide increased airflow while reducing the tendency to clog.

Formulated for maximum performance and top filtration at optimum flow, giving you the power to win.

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